Eyelid bags

The protrusion or hernia of fat in the lower eyelid and the sinking (eyecup groove) have a major influence on an image of tiredness and or aged person, proving particularly unsightly.

Bolsas Palpebrales - Antes: hernia grasa párpado inferior
Before: Lower eyelid fat hernia
Bolsas Palpebrales - Después: blefaroplastia transconjuntival y lipoescultura
After: Transconjuntival blepharoplasty

How does it manifest itself?
People with bags or dark circles groove give an impression of a fatigued person, with little energy. With surgery, the look will be stronger, rejuvenated and more energetic.

How can it be corrected?
The surgical solution is to remove or reposition the lower eyelid fat (lower blepharoplasty) through a small incision on the inside of the eyelid (transconjuntival), therefore leaving no visible scars. Prior to performing the procedure, we make an evaluation of the characteristics of the eyelid, the degree of tension and laxity, the age and characteristics of bags, dark circles and/or grooves. The lower blepharoplasty can be associated with other surgical and non-surgical procedures to optimise the rejuvenation of the lower eyelid such as:
Scars are hidden in the natural folds of the skin and will remain invisible. This surgery can take between 45 minutes and 2 hours and the results are quite spectacular, similar to those of upper eyelid blepharoplasty.

Antes: Bolsas Palpebrales y Ojera
Before: Lower eyelid bags and dark circles
Después: Blefaroplastia Transconjuntival
After: Transconjuntival blepharoplasty
This is a surgical procedure which is performed under local anaesthesia, on an ambulatory basis, making hospitalisation of the patient unnecessary. The patient will be able to go straight home, from where he can follow the indications of the oculoplastic ophthalmologist.

Are there any associated risks?
When surgery is carried out by experienced ocular-plastic surgeons, complications are rare. However, as with any surgery, there might be some risk of infection, and slight asymmetry in the healing of the affected tissue. The edema and bruising of the eyelid region is usually very discreet and disappears in a matter of days. Our patients can usually resume their daily routine within 48 hours following the procedure.

Both the surgical and non-surgical techniques that we carry out are mildly invasive, painless, and provide a fast recovery. The results are spectacular, natural and permanent.

If you feel that your look is tired, or you notice you have droopy eyelids or you just have a question about how to rejuvenate your eyes, remember that you can send us your details through our inquiry form on-line; the doctor will reply to you as quickly as possible. If you prefer to make an appointment with Dr. Estrella Fernández in Palma de Mallorca, remember that the first informative consultation on aesthetics is free of charge.  Dr. Estrella Fernandez will make a thorough examination to determine the best technique to handle your particular case and will provide you with the necessary details and recommendations adapted to it.

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