Skin peel / Laser

A  Peeling is a treatment applied to the skin that aims to renew the surface layers of the skin.

We recommend it especially in photo-aged, hyper-pigmented, rough and dull skin.

The new smoother skin will correct fine wrinkles, pigmentation and other skin changes caused by aging.


What does the treatment consist of?

Depending on the desired effect and each patient’s skin type , we recommend either one or another type of product, to calculate the desired depth of the peeling. We can perform chemical or laser peelings.

These are procedures that are generally carried out in the consulting room, lasting from 15 to 45 minutes. In superficial skin peeling we improve skin without the need of long regeneration periods of time, and within 24 hours the patient resumes their usual lifestyle.

In case of deep peelings, skin regeneration may take between 7 and 14 days.

What pre-treatment care does it require?

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out a home treatment, based on creams or gels as a preparation of the skin a few weeks prior to the peeling.

After the treatment we will indicate how to care for the skin in the period of skin regeneration.

It is very important to make a good study of the skin type _ since it would not be advisable in certain skin photo types.

In the Dr. Estrella Fernández Clinic, we chose procedures that combine maximum effectiveness with minimum side effects and maximum comfort for the patient, who can continue with their normal activities.

If you are tired of having increasingly deep wrinkles, unsightly stains, or just have a question about how to rejuvenate your eyes, remember that you can send us your case through our inquiry form on-line. The doctor will reply as soon as possible.

If you prefer to make an appointment with Dr. Estrella Fernández in Palma de Mallorca, remember that the first informative consultation on aesthetics is free of charge.  Dr. Estrella Fernandez will make a thorough examination to determine the best technique to handle your particular case and will provide you with the necessary details and recommendations adapted to it.

Both the surgical and non-surgical techniques we apply are mildly invasive, painless, and provide a fast recovery. The results are spectacular, natural and permanent.

Tell us about your particular case

Fill out the attached form with your data. You can send us some photos, previous medical records or diagnostic testing if necessary.

The diagnosis we will send you will be an approach and will never replace a visit with a thorough examination, but may be useful as guidance for both patients and medical staff.


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