Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


A  platelet rich plasma is equally rich in growth factors. Growth factors are proteins involved in various metabolic and regenerative processes of our body. They have been used in medicine as cicatrizants (agents that aid the healing process) due to their ability to stimulate the formation of vessels and connective tissue. Currently we use it in aesthetic medicine for the coetaneous benefits against facial aging.

How does it work?
The procedure begins with the removal of a small quantity of the patient’s blood to be processed in the laboratory to then proceed to treatment with mesotherapy in the treatment areas. As it is autologous, it does not cause allergies.

Intra-dermal injections of growth factors leads to an improvement in the smoothness and appearance of the skin. They increase its thickness, recovering elasticity and improving vascular supply.

This procedure improves the smoothness, elasticity and skin thickness. It is recommended for revitalising the skin or in addition to other treatments for wrinkles or sagging such as botulinum toxin or fillers. We recommend two or three treatments per year to obtain maximum results.

Is there any convalescence period?
It is a treatment that is applied for about 30 minutes and requires no convalescence, allowing the use of makeup after 24 hours. Sometimes it can cause skin rashes and temporary reddening of the skin. After the treatment two effects will be observed; an immediate one secondary to the procedure and the plasma distribution, which is perceived in the early days, and other medium-term results from tissue activation by growth factors, perceived after one month and continuing for at least 6 more months.

If you’re tired of having an increasingly deep wrinkles, unsightly stains, or just have a question about how to rejuvenate your eyes, remember that you can send us your case through our inquiry form on-line. The doctor will reply as soon as possible. If you prefer to make an appointment with Dr. Estrella Fernández in Palma de Mallorca, remember that the first informative consultation on aesthetics is free of charge.  Dr. Estrella Fernandez will carry out a thorough examination to determine the best technique to handle your particular case and will provide you with the necessary details and recommendations adapted to it

Both the surgical and non-surgical techniques we apply are mildly invasive, painless, and provide a fast recovery. The results are spectacular, natural and permanent.

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